Top tourist Attractions in India

Top Tourist Attractions in India - India is that the world’s seventh-largest country stretching from the high mountains of the range to the tropical leaf of Kerala, and from the sacred Ganges to the sands of the Thar desert. It's over one billion inhabitants area unit divided into 2 thousand ethnic teams and speak over two hundred totally different languages.
Confirm its size and population, India has AN virtually endless style of cultures, landscapes, monuments and places to explore. From the traditional ruins, fascinating nonsecular structures, exotic cities, And numerous landscape there's an endless assortment of tourist attractions in India that may more net stop to awe and fascinate the traveler.

Hawa Mahal
A stunning decide and red arenaceous rock five-story structure stands within the heart of Jaipur. one in all the city’s most well-liked tourer attractions, the Hawa Mahal incorporates a distinctive purpose. conjointly referred to as the Palace of the Wind, it had been an area wherever royal girls might read street activities outside whereas hidden from the reading. to the current finish, the pyramid-shaped palace has 953 windows, every with AN involved style. created in 1799, Hawa Mahal is taken into account a wonderful example of Rajputana design.

Ranakpur Temple
Ranakpur Temple is AN imposing and extremely ornamental faith temple that's celebrated for its art and design thought about a number of the world’s best. inbuilt the fifteenth century, it took over fifty years to construct the temple. one in all the biggest temples in India, Ranakpur Temple has twenty-nine halls and eight domes, however, is actually celebrated for its one,444 pillars, of that all is exclusive. Statues of deities prime every dome. very involved carvings highlight the inside.

Amber Fort
Amber Fort, the most tourer attraction around Jaipur, is understood for its outstanding design. Sitting atop a hill, the advanced may be a mix of Hindi and Hindustani designs. inbuilt the late sixteenth century, pink and red arenaceous rock and marble structure has been featured in Bollywood films. it's most celebrated for the Mirror Palace, a wonderful area with a pure cap, therefore, the queen might read the celebrities before she fell asleep. Access is by foot, 4WD vehicle or elephant.

Meenakshi  Amman  Temple
Meenakshi Amman  Temple is a powerful Hindu temple that dates back to the sixth century, tho' most of this structure was designed m years later. situated on the Vaigai stream, it's maybe the foremost necessary temple in Madurai, itself a 2,500-year-old town. involved carvings regarding within and out; the temple incorporates a total of fourteen towers, every dedicated to a god or person. Some 33,000 sculptures still as made paintings may be found within the temple advanced.


The Khajuraho cluster of temples combines art with eroticism, with the tip result being a number of the best medieval temple art, not solely in India, however the globe. designed around the tenth century, solely regarding twenty-five of the first eighty-five temples stay nowadays. the biggest cluster of Hindu and faith temples within the world, the carvings and sculptures represent women’s ancient lifestyles in medieval times. The sculptures were created at a time, once sexy art was auspicious; a number of the carvings area unit sexually specific.
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